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Our Story


Hi, I’m Nat, and I launched Social Fabric Clothing in 2021.

Like many good stories, Social Fabric starts a long time ago, in a life that seems far, far away now.

In 2019, I was Head of Finance for a large ASX listed company. As successful as I appeared, running my home and raising my young family as well as working long hours left me exhausted and burnt out. Know that feeling? I turned to food for comfort, and before long I was significantly heavier than the day I fell pregnant for the first time.

Before kids, I loved fashion, colourful clothes and I cared about how I looked. Having children changed my body so much, I no longer knew how to dress for my new shape and the brands I used to love didn’t accommodate my new, curvier figure. I was lost and my solution was to wear black... all the time. Before long, my wardrobe resembled a black hole, helping me disappear.

One day I caught a look at myself in the mirror and decided I needed to make some big, scary decisions. I could not go on the way I was.

I quit my job. (*Mic Drop*) It was time to look after myself, and my family.

I decided to take a year to focus on my physical and mental health, to give myself the time and care I needed to be able to care for my family.

I started to eat more healthy foods and started walking daily.

I soon felt better, and my interest in fashion started to revive.

I had created the space and time to accept myself for who I was, to love my body, and to want to look good every day. I could not help but remember my state of mind before I took my career break. How many women are in the same boat? I wanted to share my revelation with those women.

Social Fabric was born.

I started a mental checklist for what I wanted from my clothes. I tested my checklist with hundreds of women and discovered the majority of them had the same checklist.

That tried and tested Social Fabric Checklist is the foundation for what I do every day. I put brand after brand through stringent quality tests to try and make each garment tick as many boxes from the checklist as possible. It's almost turned into a sport for me! :) 

I am so proud of the Social Fabric Clothing brand.

It represents Real women. Real bodies. Real lives.

I really hope I can help you find clothing that makes you feel great. I want every item to make someone smile. You deserve to feel amazing!

Take a look around and enjoy!

Nat x